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Nov 12, 2020Tammy Devenish


It's one of the many great men's underwear debates, do you buy them with the Fly Front Pouch or without?

Many of you may know them or remember them as the old Jockey Y-front undies you know the old "tightie Whitey's", you may even resonate with them being something your dad wore or his dad wore.

Some of you may still be wearing them now, and if you are a Reer Endz kinda guy, you most certainly are! Both our Men's Brief & Men's Trunk come with a fully functional Fly Front.

So why the Fly Front underwear you ask? Does it serve a purpose, is it just there because it’s a men's underwear thing? Perhaps it's because "Big Terry" wears them?

Well, you have come to the right online underwear store to find out.
After conducting our own research and surveys over the years, the common threads that stood out were increased comfort & personal preference.

With that said here are our top 7 benefits from wearing men's underwear with a Fly Front Pouch.

1. Comfort - Space has been allocated to accommodate your most prized goods, keeping your goods comfortably in place but with also enough space to just chill out.

2. Support - We all need good support in our lives & your package is no exception. The Fly Front pouch will give you that uplifting feeling, no flopping or sagging around here.

3. Breathable - The extra space allows for more breathing room, which means less sweating, pinching & Chaffing.

4. Ease of Access - to make a visit to a urinal quick and efficient! Besides, pulling your pants down to expose your actual Reer Endz in the office toilet is never ideal.

5. Time Saver - Along with easy access you will actually save time when you make that regular trip to the ole urinal, nobody has or wants to waste precious time with unbuttoning your pants, unzip your fly, pull-down your pants, pull down your undies just to go to the toilet, then double that to put yourself back together.

6. Style - According to our most recent survey, men are actually starting to care about what their underwear looks like, the fly front gives that little extra aesthetic & with that said we have now heard Reer Endz being commonly referred to as "my good undies"

7. Your other half finds them sexy - You told us this one, so yep sure we believe you. Guys with survey results like this would you risk not wearing sexy men's underwear with a  Fly Front?

There were some other reasons that were brought to our attention, however, we couldn't quite find the right way or discreet way of raising them in this blog, so we will leave you alone with your thoughts on what they may be...



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