Reer Endz Men's Underwear Size Guide

Size Does Matter

Jan 12, 2021Tammy Devenish

How To Choose Men's Underwear Size

Working out your size for any clothing these days is proving to be a real battle, even when it comes down to the nitty gritty of Men's Undies.

As there is no universal men's size guide for Australian Men's underwear or the world for that matter, it has left a lot of Aussie men feeling confused & well in a bit of a conundrum.  Furthermore, each brand or manufacturer can define its own parameters in terms of sizing when producing men’s underwear.

If you narrow it down and just look at Australian Men's underwear brands it varies from brand to brand, so it's no wonder that our second-biggest query is "what size would I be in Reer Endz"

Oh & for those of you wondering what has been the biggest query so far… It has been "Are you made in China" which no we are not & if you would like to know more about where Reer Endz are made visit our blog AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED & OWNED VS AUSTRALIAN MADE

Now, back to men's undie sizing & more specially Reer Endz sizing.

Below is the size guide that we follow

Reer Endz Mens Underwear size guide

To  illustrate how this has become so confusing let's compare our size L to a few other well know Aussie men's underwear brands.

Aussie Bum

Aussie Bum Underwear Size guide


Tradie Men's Underwear

Tradie Men's underwear size guide


Knobby Men's Underwear

Knobby Men's Underwear size guide


Step One Underwear

Step One mens underwear size guide


Bonds Men's Underwear

Bonds Men's Underwear Size Guide

All are great Aussie men's underwear brands that each bring their own individual style and handwriting to suit the ever-evolving fashion tastes of our diverse Australian man.

So as you can see if you were to compare all the brands they differ in size gradings & its almost impossible to say what size you really are.

Now throw that in with what was already a shift into online shopping which has now rapidly sped up during this unprecedented pandemic it's suddenly clear to see why a lot of men are struggling to know what size you actually are?

This is where we come and try and provide some guidance for you.

Firstly, the first question is why is it so important to have the right fitting men's undies? 

You are in your underwear all day long (remember guys opting our of underwear is NEVER an option) and a lot of you even sleep in your undies, so you want to be comfortable. You don't want to spend your days adjusting, pulling out wedgies, waistbands cutting in, legs riding up etc you get what I am saying.

Lets now run through some tips and tricks that we think can help you get your Reer Endz into the best size for you so you can embrace comfy undies all day & all night long for that matter.

  • What is your board short or short waist size? That is usually a good indication on what waist size you would be in your Trunks or Briefs.
  • Take your waist measurement, to measure your waist, wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Where you’d like the band of the underwear to sit. You can even put on old underwear to be able to get an exact measurement.
  • Don’t wrap the tape too tight around your waist. Leave a finger’s space between the tape and your skin. It’s easier to move around in slightly loose underwear. Anything too skintight can cause rashes, irritation, and a bloated beer gut.
  • Secondly, while taking the measurements, don’t hold your breath in. Relax your shoulders, stand up straight, and keep your abdomen natural. Don’t flex your muscles. Breathe naturally. And definitely, don’t contract your abs if you think you’ll look slimmer in any kind of underwear.

It’s natural to be let down when your underwear is a bit off the mark. Not finding the right underwear size is more common than you think. 

That's why Reer Endz will replace your wrong size if you follow these simple instructions when your undies arrive at your doorstep.

 Once your Reer Endz arrive, you can check the size of our undies by holding them up to your waist or wrapping the waistband around your neck as this will usually match your waist width. 

 If you purchase a bundle, please just try 1 pair before opening the remaining pairs as we can only provide a refund to unopened and unworn pairs. Remember we will replace the 1 x worn pair that you tried!

If you find the first pair doesn't fit, or you'd like to try another style, please contact us at

For those of you who are still feeling a little overwhelmed and worried to take that next step ADD TO CART, don’t worry Reer Endz men's underwear has you covered.

Simply follow my testing  tricks & even they didn’t work and you still feel need a different size, email us, we will send you a replacement FREE! Just be sure to only open one for testing if you bought multiple pairs!

Until next time...



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