Wrong Size Guarantee

Wrong underwear size guarantee by Reer Endz men's underwear. The Best Men's underwear Australia online & selected resellers


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Feeling a little overwhelmed & worried to take that next step 'ADD TO CART', don’t worry Reer Endz Underwear has you covered.

When your package arrives at your door step and you try that first pair on and realise it's not your desired size, don't despair just let us know & we will replace them with the correct size.
Send back any additional unopened pairs & we will replace your ENTIRE purchase with your correct size including the one you've just tried on!
How good is that!

There is no need to return the pair you've tried, they're yours to keep (maybe they can be your emergency pair).
It's important to note that if you purchase multiple pairs or a Bundle pack, please just try 1 pair on before opening the remaining pairs. The Wrong Size Guarantee only applies to your very first wrong size purchase.
Ok, so how do I let you know my first pair are the wrong size?
If you find the first pair doesn't fit, please email us at [email protected] and we will provide you with the best address to send the unopened and unworn pairs back to us so we can send you out your replacements.
Once your original pairs arrive we will then dispatch your new size right away.
What If I only ordered 1 pair?
No problem, hold on to them, send us an email with your new size and we will send your replacement pair out to you right away!
What happens if you no longer have my size or designs that I originally ordered?
We've got you covered here also, when you email us we will advise you if we have your new size and designs in stock, if not we will offer you an alternative selection or a full refund which will be paid upon your original parcel arriving back.

Now you can purchase your new Reer Endz with confidence & #COVERYOURZ

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