Reer Endz plan to walk a little lighter

Reer Endz understands that the earth needs our help more than ever, and daily choices will affect the future of our planet.

We have begun to take steps to improve and to ensure that we are minimising our footprint on the planet.

 Whilst we can’t change everything overnight, we recognize this is a long and ongoing journey that we are committed to, not only as individuals but also as a business.


We send all our underwear in 100% Oxo-biodegradable bags, which are designed to harmlessly biodegrade in the presence of oxygen.

Our new postage satchels are now 100% compostable and are made from sustainably-sourced plants, which means they break down easily in your compost or green waste.

Pantone Colours

We have already started to make the move from TPX Pantone colours to TPG Pantone colours. TPG Pantone's have been modified to remove all lead pigments & chromium used in the dying process. The new formulation matches global standards for sustainable manufacturing processes.

Plant-Based Dyes

We are currently exploring our options to introduce plant-based dyes for our future campaigns.

Organic Cotton