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Apr 24, 2020Tammy Devenish


As we travel Australia spreading the word of comfy undies on the Reer Endz Underwear tour we are not doing it alone, we are sharing this business trip of a lifetime with our pet KelpieX dog named Greyem. He is never too far from one of us or both of us for that matter. We rescued Greyem from the RSPCA about 6 years ago, he was approximately 4 months old. He had a pretty torrid start to his life,  he had been dumped twice as a puppy that resulted in him landing at RSPCA.

The best way to describe him when I 1st met him was a cute little fella, tan & black colouring with a motley grey chest. He was a very shy puppy, very timid, all ears and massive paws. You could definitely recognise the Kelpie in him, the crossbreed harder to recognise. Our initial thoughts were maybe German Shephard, perhaps Doberman or all three breeds combined. Whatever the mix is he has turned into a very handsome boy.

It took him plenty of years to settle down and get out of his puppy behaviour. Plenty of over-exuberance, broken doors, windows and other objects that got in his way or prevented him from getting to where he wanted to be. His playfulness often came in handy, as well as his agility and strength. We used him a couple of times to stretch test the durability of our Reer Endz Men's Underwear. Impressively, with him on one end and myself on the other, the undies stood up to the challenge.

Without a doubt, his favourite thing in the world is his Tennis ball. Man, you only have to say the word and the radar ears stand to attention. He just loves anything that he can do with it. I know I may be slightly biased in saying this, but I have never seen a dog so skilful with a tennis ball. He can dribble the ball like it’s a mini-soccer ball. Catch it running away from him over his head on the full. His aerial acrobatics when he launches into the air to catch the ball is “Jordan like”. And when there is a crowd watching him, he steps it up. He just loves the attention and also knows he is the “GOAT” for a dog with a tennis ball.

It’s been very timely that he has settled down into a well behaved, obedient, extremely intelligent dog. Setting off on our business expedition we had our doubts about how it would work with him. We knew that a lot of people travel constantly with their dog, but we certainly had our reservations. Looking back now after over a year on the road we couldn’t imagine it without him.

He comes to all our Reer Endz wholesale appointments, he is more than happy to wait patiently out the front of a store or with us at a café. As long as he doesn’t think he is getting abandoned again as he did as a puppy.

Being a very active couple, every day is fun for him, whether it be a long walk, a run, a bike ride or a swim in the ocean Greyem has to join us. We are constantly stopped by strangers wanting to know his breed or to simply give him a pat. He loves the attention, doesn’t matter who it is as long as he gets to lick them back.

People often talk about the loyalty of their dog and how they are part of the family, they describe them as their best mate. I totally understand all of those feelings Greyem certainly fits into all of those categories, he loves us as much as we love him. We can't imagine life on the road without him.

I must advise anyone that is considering getting a dog to check out the rescue dog websites before you do anything else and see if you can find a doggo that's compatible with your lifestyle. If they turn out to be ½ as loyal and loving as Greyem you won’t regret it. 



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