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Live your life now

Jun 18, 2020Tammy Devenish


A hot talking point at the moment is “LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW”. If there is one positive thing to come out of the past 3 months of a global pandemic, it would have to be, we have all had some time for reflection. Reflection of our lives, what’s really important to us? Who is really important to us? What do we really need & what don’t we need in our lives? We have no doubt had time to reflect on how much time we spend at work, how much time we spend with our friends and families, and how much time we spend doing what we really love to do, or was the hard truth for many of us, how little do we do all the really important things?

Upon reflection maybe we are still missing opportunities to do more now. None of us knows what’s around the corner, whether there will be health scares, financial issues, relationship breakdowns, lotto wins? Hey, it may not all be bad news. But what if it was? Have you lived your life? Have you ticked your boxes? Have you started that new hobby you always wanted to try? We have all had some time to reflect and I hope a lot of you have made some new choices moving forward. Put yourself 1st, not the company you work for, not the people you provide your services for, not the people who probably really don’t care about you too much. Focus on yourself and what’s important to you. Make it happen, you can do it, you just have to convince yourself it’s possible.

I read a statistic the other day, & it read along the lines of, Retirement age is 67, Life expectancy is 78, Work for 50 years to maybe enjoy 11? Start enjoying life now. No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  

So, we are all looking forward to retirement no doubt, we can’t wait for that last 11 years of our lives after we have worked so hard for the last 45 - 50 years. The twilight years, the time when we can just relax, travel, go on those long walks, play golf, play tennis, learn to surf get the Canasta cards out or just do whatever the bloody hell you feel like doing. Sounds amazing.  BUT WHAT IF (and I know I sound like the grim reaper here) our bodies are absolute cactus, or we don’t have that retirement nest egg we thought we might have, what if the person we wanted to spend those years with isn’t there anymore, or something happens to you and you don’t get to enjoy the retirement years as you had planned. Do you get my point - LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW….

 Due to an unexpected major health scare in my life, my wife and I decided to LIVE OUR LIFE NOW…. We have been doing it for 18 months now, my health scare wasn’t the only reason we decided to pivot our lives direction, but it was a big factor. You don’t know what is around the corner. I can't stress enough, get the wheels in motion to do what you love now. We love our Underwear brand, it has enabled us to begin our journey of travelling around Australia at an age that we can still both enjoy it. We continue to work hard on the Reer Endz Underwear brand every day (we know the world needs comfy undies) however we make sure in between working on new underwear designs for our Briefs & Trunks range & getting your orders out that we are saving plenty of time for what we love doing most. We have both taken up surfing and whilst we are complete Kooks we both enjoy learning together, exercise is a part of our everyday routine, no matter how busy we are & there is plenty of tennis ball time with our Doggo.

Every town we visit on the Reer Endz tour, we consult with our trusty source Google & research all the must-see places in those towns & make sure we don't leave until we see them. Oh and if you want to know where all the best coffee is across our journey we can tell you that too, no day is ever started without our morning ritual of 1 x small latte & 1 x skinny cap. 

Until next time….




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