We need to preserve our planet which includes our oceans. It's so important to produce environmentally friendly products. That's why we choose Organic Cotton.

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May 05, 2020Tammy Devenish

Preserve Our Oceans

We need to preserve our planet which includes our oceans. It's so important to produce environmentally friendly products. That's why we choose Organic Cotton.

The ocean has always been part of the Reer Endz underwear’s DNA, as a lifestyle brand that speaks to the culture of the sun, salty air, blue skies & beautiful beaches the ocean has always been a huge influence in our personal life & brand inspiration.

As restrictions to our lives begin to be lifted ever so delicately around Australia, I thought it was fitting to write about one of the things that a lot of us have missed over the past weeks. The freedom of accessing the beach at any time is a privilege so many of us love, whether it be for swimming, surfing, walking, meditation or listening to the sound of the crashing waves.

For those of you lucky enough to live by the ocean, I am sure the frustration of having restricted access has been a little torturous, to say the least. We are so lucky here in Australia, we have without a doubt the best beaches in the world. It’s why so many of us can’t go too long without contact with that salt, sand and sea, it’s definitely therapeutic for the body & soul.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Reer Endz mens underwear rolling office has been bunkered down in Lennox Head, on The NSW far North Coast, Seven Mile Beach is currently our local. Although the restrictions haven’t been as intense as they are in other parts of Australia, the social distancing and general regulations have still been in place and adhered to by the locals.

At Lennox the ‘Reer Endz Underwear day’ starts with a nice long walk from the Surf Club to the Southern Headland. For anyone, that hasn’t experienced this coastline we highly recommend (once allowed) The views from the Headland, known as Lennox Point, is spectacular. The Point is renowned for surfers flocking to the famous righthand break. We are regularly entertained by pods of dolphins not far from the shore on our morning walk, and within weeks the annual whale migration will begin. The Pat Morton Lookout with views of the village and Seven Mile Beach extending up towards Broken Head will be a regular vantage point for us in the coming weeks. Up until this weekend, the weather has been amazing, we have been enjoying a swim as part of the daily exercise regime. The water temperature is still a balmy 24 degrees, so absolutely perfect at the moment.

Having spent most of last year on the Queensland Coast and then so far this year on the NSW coast, our love of the ocean has just continued to increase. I am obsessed at the moment, studying the swell and learning about the impact the wind has on the conditions of the waves, I am fascinated watching the experienced surfers, I could watch them all day, however, there are thankfully orders to pack, blogs to write & new artwork to finalise for the next men’s undie campaign.

We extend our walk on the weekends, heading north along Seven Mile Beach. Greyem our Kelpie X absolutely loves it. The dog-friendly beach is welcoming of all breeds, it’s a great way to exercise and forget about all of the terrible things going on in the world at the moment. That’s the beauty of the ocean, it’s environment helps you to focus on what’s good in life. The long walks gazing out to the ocean, spotting dolphins watching Greyem get caught off guard by a few waves allows us to re-focus, reflect, laugh & dare I say it truly soothes our souls.

It’s been a challenging time for everyone recently, continue to stay safe, remember to breathe & if you can't get to an ocean there are plenty of free meditating apps available online where you can unwind, relax & enjoy all the sounds of the ocean.


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