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The Ultimate Men's Underwear Guide 2021

Because Your Boys Deserve the Best!

Your comfy men's undies, it is the first thing you put on as you get ready for the day, and the last thing you take off as you call it a day! Therefore, there is no need to explain why the garment you spend most of your day in needs to be comfortable yet stylish.

We are not going to get into the greatest debate of all times: men's trunk versus men's briefs! Actually, I think we have already done that! However, those of you who mindlessly add the low-cost multi-packs to their carts need to sit down and read this post. Investing in premium quality men’s underwear is totally worth it! Your boys down below will only be too happy with the luxurious comfort and elevated style that comes with high-end men’s underwear.

The Best Not-Lame Underwear Advice

This is not your standard underwear guide walking you through materials and styles. We are going to give you a brief (pun intended) on the expert styling tips that will ensure you look smart, dashing, and sexy. Get ready to hit all the notes of suave with this ultimate guide to up your confidence this year:

Reveal Your True Colours

Colour is reigning supreme right now. Graphic prints and bold colour choices are an excellent way to project your image. However, if you are not into bold colours, you can opt for those styles that subtly use coloured seams to enhance the shape. Check out our Black, Navy & Grey Marle everyday essentials.

Bulging at the Seams

Some men are reluctant to go for bulge enhancing undies. However, there’s nothing wrong with bringing your A-game to the forefront. You can always opt for cleverly designed underwear that holds you in the right position and offers you the right kind of support. That's why we are big fans of the Fly Front design!

Be a Good Sport

If there’s one style that would forever stay trending in the men’s underwear department, it is the sportswear style. Bringing the locker-room aesthetics into play, these styles sport the trendiest designs with an elevated practical feel to them. We recommend our Reer Endz men's brief, you can read more on its benefits on our blog - MEN'S BRIEFS UNDERWEAR - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

Calling all the Hunks out there!

As we said earlier, this guide is different. It is not your average style and fabric guide. If you want to nail your underwear style, you need to try different things until you find something that not only fits you perfectly but also imparts you with all the confidence you need. Why not check out some of our fun yet stylish prints.

Snug Down

The dudes having solid and heavy thighs are always on the lookout for something that doesn’t hinder their movement. Snug briefs are a great option because they give you all the support you need and elongate your shape.

 Lean on it!

Gents with a tall and lean frame can add more stock to their physique by opting for the men's trunk style. Wearing trunks underwear in eye-catching patterns can bring more structure to your build.

Winging it!

Remember, age is but a number! If you feel like playing with colours, feel free to do as you want! If classic is your thing, go retro all the way. If you are in search of something that will give you timeless appeal, go for either our men's trunk or men's brief in solid black.

Space in Your Drawers

There are quite a few underwear labels, jostling for your attention. However, the only Australian men's underwear that should end up in your drawers must not only infuse you with confidence but should also ensure practical functionality with a sexy edge. Yes, guys, Reer Endz is also known as sexy men's underwear.

On a final note, Reer Endz is proudly Australian owned and operated. Our men's undies are made ethically with our partners in our Sedex approved factory. All Reer Endz is now produced in GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. Better for you better for your planet.


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