What's In a Men's Underwear Name?

Jan 24, 2021Tammy Devenish


The year is 2021, Trump is out Biden's in, we are still at the mercy of a global pandemic & men actually care about their underwear so much so that according to Grand View Research The global men’s underwear market size was valued at USD 29.41 billion in 2018 and is expected to register a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 5.3% from 2019 to 2025. That's a lot of men's undies!

There are many reasons on how this growth is going to be driven such as;

  • Increasing awareness about health
  • Best fit
  • Personal hygiene
  • Growing millennials population

With millennials leading the way in driving the demand in the men’s underwear market as they are more receptive to new and different products than other generations it's pretty safe to say that Men 
DO care about what undies they wear. (its about time guys).

As men continue to evolve when it comes to fashion & health combined with variety being the spice of life,  men these days are now spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for their underwear.

There are many considerations, such as colour, design, long leg, short leg, Fly Front Pouch, Fabrics, I mean clearly Organic Cotton underwear is the way to go if you care about your health and the planet but there is also Bamboo (too many nasty chemicals for us), Lycra, Polyester (should be banned in our opinion) modal & so on.

So once you narrow those choices down its time to decide what style of underwear do you want?

Here's the confusion so many different names by different underwear brands!

What do they mean? because just like the men's underwear size chart once again we are seeing conflicting information! 

Reer Endz describe a Trunk as 'underwear that has shorter legs and a square-cut silhouette' whereas Calvin Klein describes this like  Boxer Briefs? and wait how can a boxer and a brief be the same thing, aren't they 2 x completely different styles?

At this point, you are now really thinking that men's underwear is extremely confusing.

This is where we come in and lend a helping hand, we will break it down to our knowledge gained from over the past 20 years working in the industry, travelling the globe in search of the perfect men's underwear.

Lets start with the Reer Endz styles Trunk & Brief  we like to keep it as simple as possible based on research published by Forbes Magazine that shows the human brain struggles to make decisions when there are too many choices.

Trunk - Trunk style underwear has shorter legs and a square-cut silhouette. Trunks usually have a body-hugging fit and can be worn comfortably with just about anything.

Brief - This classic, standard style is made for support and comfort. The back of a brief offers full coverage, while the front has the upper thigh exposed. Don’t mistake a brief for “tighty-whiteys”-- they come in trendy prints and colours, too!

Now for the other Men's underwear brands & what styles they have on offer.

Boxer Short - Boxers offer breathability and the freedom of movement due to a longer leg, and a relaxed or tailored fit. Wear loose-fitting boxer shorts with any outfit, and try a slimmer boxer silhouette with dress pants.

Boxer Brief - A cross between a brief and a boxer, the boxer brief has the long leg of a boxer, with the slim fit of a brief. This style is quite versatile and can be worn with jeans, dress pants, or even workout clothes.

Bikini - A bikini distinguishes itself from the brief because it has a low-cut waist, high-cut leg, and narrow sides. This is one of the most popular styles, and in many cultures, it is even the preferred form of swimwear.

Jockstrap - Jockstraps are made to provide support and protection during high impact sports. They have full frontal coverage and minimal reer coverage. Jockstraps are constructed with two leg straps that wrap around to your Reer Endz for additional support.

G-String - G-strings are made for the guy who wants to flaunt his stuff. This sexy style is great when you want to avoid panty lines because it is made from a thin piece of fabric that connects the pouch to the waistband.

Those are the main underwear types, of course from there you can explore variations, with or without the fly-front pouch, short leg, medium leg, long leg etc 

Like we said men are really spoilt for choice, so our advice is to go with what you like and not what Big Terry would like, we are all individuals and no man's Reer Endz is built the same.

Until next time...


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