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Jun 27, 2021Tammy Devenish


High expectations, we all seem to have them when it comes to our underwear, for some reason we think they should last forever?

I mean think about it, the one garment that is worn daily all day everyday, gets put through its paces depending on lifestyle choices, yet we still think they should last forever.

Once you’ve invested in your comfy new Reer Endz men's undies, you want to make sure they’ll last as long as possible while still looking great. 

Whilst there is no hard and fast rule on how long your Reer Endz men's underwear should last here are some considerations to take in and a little advice on how often you should replace them.

1. How many pairs of Reer Endz do you currently have in your underwear drawer?

Your underwear drawer is a great place to start! How many pairs are in there? Again there is no hard and fast rule on how many you should own instead it's really a game of numbers and use. Our opinion is if you have 7 or under you are somewhat running on an oily rag, these few pairs are running through your rotation too quickly, wash, wear repeat every week! and you think you are overworked think about these guys! We recommend at least 20 pairs on rotation is a good amount to get the longevity of your underwear.

2.  How do you wash your underwear? 

We are not sure what it is, however, men & women alike for some strange reason don't feel like reading or following the wash/care instructions label printed on the back of their underwear or the instructions found on our website HERE.
Instead, they throw them into the wash or even worse the DRYER! with other clothing time after time and then feel perplexed when the cotton starts to go saggy or the waistband gives way! Depending on the water temperature, detergent, and wash and dry cycle you use, you could be wearing your underwear out a lot faster than you think. One of the most common reasons you’ll have to buy new underwear is because old pairs will have stretched out and gone droopy. Don’t speed up this process by washing your underwear too harshly. Heat is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the demise of your beloved undies! When heat touches your underwear the integrity of the elastane and organic cotton starts breaking down and your prized men's trunk and men's brief start losing their stretch and resilience after just a few washes! Sunlight is the same which goes for most clothes, Do not hang in DIRECT sunlight, and don't leave them hanging all day! once again the direct heat from the sun is never going to create a good outcome for your underwear, think about how you after a long day in the sun?! Not good is it!

3. What Is your Underwear Made From?

Not all underwear fabrics were created equal, some were built to last while others were destined to disintegrate. We always opt for underwear made from natural fibres for fabric so close to your most private regions. 
Our pick? Organic Cotton underwear of course, better for you and better for the planet.
To learn more about the benefits of organic cotton underwear check out our blog 7 Benefits of Organic Cotton Underwear HERE 

4. Lifestyle Choices?

No two men are exactly the same and nor are their lifestyle habits, underwear needs to be replaced more frequently if it’s worn often and for sweaty, movement-heavy activities.  For example, the guy who works out on the job site or is a gym instructor is most likely going to put his underwear through more wear and tear & sweat, of course, the guys who are in the office 9-5 pm require less strenuous movements.That’s because all the wear and tear on the individual fibres stretch out the fabric, making it droopy and thin after a while. So make sure to consider your daily lifestyle and how often your underwear gets put to the test. Sweat is another killer of men's underwear as it also causes the breakdown of fibres faster and will be the reason why more bacteria will gather in your undies.

The Conclusion

Your underwear is NEVER going to last forever and how long depends on how well your treat your Reer Endz underwear coupled with your lifestyle. Take the factors above into consideration and check out our care instructions HERE.
That way you know you are doing the best with your underwear and ensure to get the most of our comfy men's undies.

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