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How often should men update their men's underwear drawer

Jan 10, 2020Tammy Devenish


How often should Men be buying new Underwear, Jocks, Pants, Boxers, Trunks, Undies, Underpants, Tightie Whities, Budgy Smugglers, it really doesn’t matter what you call your Underwear, but it is important to update them regularly.

Sure there are still the guys out there that can get 3 or 4 days out of the one pair with the old trick of - right side out, inside out, back to front and front to back. But really guys it’s 2020. It’s cool to be hygienic, clean, smell good and be fashionable and most of all show off a different pair of Reer Endz Underwear every day.

Let’s be realistic, your Underwear gets put through its paces on a daily basis. You go for a walk, a run, a workout, the first place that starts sweating is your Reer End. Those poor undies, you must feel sorry for them. They need to be washed after every wear, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to throw a bit of Hygiene Laundry Wash in with the Washing Powder/Liquid just for that added peace of mind of freshness the next time you put them on.

I suppose there are no right or wrong answers for how often outer clothing or garments should be washed, but the general rule of thumb is that underwear should be washed every day as it covers areas that can breed bacteria.

Now for some reason, throwing away undies feels a bit wasteful. Even when they’ve been in your rotation system for a solid amount of time, it’s still tough to throw away that favourite pair of Reer Endz, or heaven forbid some other inferior brand of Underwear, separation anxiety can do strange things to men.

The industry standard thoroughly recommends that you toss those - Jocks, Pants, Boxers, Trunks, Undies, Underpants, Tightie Whities, Budgy Smugglers every 6 months.

So now that I have just informed you of the most important topic on the planet. Throw those old pairs of undies out - yes the ones that are hanging together by one piece of thread or the ones that have more holes in them than a block of Swiss cheese - and check out our new range of Men’s Underwear - “Coast Meets Street”. Fill your Underwear drawer up with your favourite new designs and most of all........



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