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7 Benefits of Organic Cotton Underwear

Sep 10, 2020Tammy Devenish

Why Reer Endz Organic Cotton 

Men's Underwear Is Better For You & The Planet

As Reer Endz underwear continues its mission to transition our entire range of men's underwear into organic cotton, we thought now is a great time to share with you some of the reasons why it's important for not just our brand to make the transition but for so many more brands in the industry to make the move torganic cotton.


Conventional Cotton plant crops are one of the dirtiest because they use a lot of pesticides in growing the plant, some of these substances have been marked as hazardous to human’s health. Cotton plant crops have also been given the reputation of being, water-intensive crops, this is not always the case, as it has in some regions been bred to be drought-tolerant, and in many parts of the world, it relies solely on rainfall.


All that said, we are very conscious of these nasty chemicals, water use & what's best for all living organisms on this beautiful planet. Please read 7 Reasons Why Organic Cotton Underwear Is Better For You & The Planet.


1. Renewable Resource  - Organic Cotton is a renewable source of manufacturing men's underwear as all parts of the cotton plant are useful, the most important being the fibre or lint, which is used to make yarn for cotton cloth. 

2.  Better For The Environment - Organic farming uses traditional and new scientific knowledge to grow crops in a way that develops healthy, fertile soil, conserves biodiversity and protects natural resources – minimising the use of non-renewable and off-farm inputs. 80% of land under organic cotton is rain-fed (water is more likely to be derived from rainfall rather than surface or groundwater irrigation).

3. Better for our Cotton Farmers - Organic cotton farmers have safe working conditions and workers’ rights are protected. Organic and fairtrade cotton production helps farmers feed their families. Organic farmers are not exposed to chemicals that be can be deadly. Such pesticides poison farmers all over the world. Factory workers too have to breathe in their fumes during the manufacturing process. According to the World Health Organization up to 20,000 deaths each year are caused by pesticide poisoning in developing countries.


4. Less Water - Organic cotton is grown using techniques that help to conserve water. Organic soils require less irrigation — 80% of the land producing organic cotton is located in areas which are predominantly rain fed. Organic cotton reduces water consumption by 91% compared to conventional cotton farming techniques.


5. Better for your Skin  - Organic cotton benefits your health. Notably, so there are no chemical retentions in organic cotton clothing. This ensures that people with allergies or with specific chemical sensitivity will greatly benefit from wearing organic cotton,  by wearing organic cotton Reer Endz Men's Underwear, you don’t expose your skin to any toxins.


6. Better for Animals & People - Conventional cotton farming uses high levels of pesticides and toxic chemicals that seep into the Earth. Organic cotton farmers take extra care to protect the environment, animals and people — conserve water, support biodiversity and healthy soils, eliminate hazardous toxic pesticides from water, soil and air.


7. Better for your health Organic cotton does not use any of the nasty chemicals that have been known to seep into run-off water after heavy rains, poisoning lakes, rivers and waterways. These Pesticide residues have been increasingly discovered in foods, farm animals and even breast milk. Not only are these carcinogens responsible for thousands of cases of cancer in adults, but they are also particularly harmful to young children who can develop debilitating neurodevelopmental effects.


In conclusion, Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. Farming cotton this way has less impact on our planet (nature, people, animals), health and the people growing the cotton.


You can check out our Certified "GOTS' organic range HERE.


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