The right mens undies for you


We know what your thinking! Your thinking is reading this men's undie blog is a waste of time, am I the only guy reading it...seems wrong!? Yet here you are, and here we are to assure you that nope, definitely not a waste of time, nope your not the only guy reading this, nope it's not wrong, the year is 2021 men are more fashion-conscious than they have ever been and underwear has become a very important life decision...ok well maybe not a life decision however it's definitely important to make sure you make a solid conscious choice about what undies you should be wearing. After all, underwear is the foundation of every guy's outfit!

If you can get more men to talk about men's underwear then you can get a mate to talk about anything, who thought underwear could be so powerful!

Since underwear is the first thing on and the last thing off, not to mention it's the one garment that gets closer than any other to your most private regions, we believe learning to choose the right underwear is an extremely important topic.

Men are conscious creatures,  & they have plenty in common such as working out, wanting to look good, taking diet and health much for into consideration and most like to impress that somebody new or their much loved significant other. 

This leads me to my next point, we've all been there, you that situation in which after a few dates with a potential new "life partner", maybe it's the second, third or tenth date (no judgment here), you're ready to take that next step and you wonder what kind of underwear should I be wearing?  After all first impressions count!

Yet, until this point you haven't been very conscious about your underwear choices or collection, not to fear that's why we are here & you are reading this blog so we can share with you our sexy mens underwear tips!

Your thought process

Should you wear regular white or black trunks?

Or should you wear something smaller?

How about the budgy smugglers that you wear at the beach?

You don't want to look like your dad, but you also don't want to look like something your not, like you know a glammed up metrosexual if your me he or she will be able to tell!

You want to look & feel good but you won't want to look like your mum is still buying our undies! or even worse than it's still 6 months until Christmas when you get your obligatory "underwear gift" and the current ones are now starting to actually look like last years Christmas gift.

Do you try something new like a jockstrap or a g-string?

So now it seems that choosing men's underwear can be harder than it first seemed.

Don't worry we've got you covered.

Here are our personal recommendations

1. Say NO to Tighty Whiteties - The male species has moved and away from these "Dad" like underwear. For the progressive male, underwear like this needs to be left in the past where it belongs. Onward and upwards!

2. Go with what you feel most comfortable with, if you are used to a more sophisticated look maybe go with an essential colour such as Black, Navy or Grey Marle. Essentials are always sophisticated & sexy.  If you are more of a playful kinda guy go with a print, but keep it tasteful! Reer Endz has plenty of fun yet fashionable prints to choose from.

3. When it comes to styles go with what you normally wear, it's probably not that right time to branch out in a style that you have never worn before. So if your a trunks man, go with trunks but if your a brief go just go with briefs. Keep it simple. Keep it comfortable.

4.  Go with the right size, this is no time to be playing with size,  you don't want to go downsize in an attempt to accentuate certain parts, underwear is not sausage casings...don't do it! It's the same for going up a size in an attempt to look more sliming, you will end up looking the opposite and trust me when love is involved your other half will love you no matter what your size, all sizes are beautiful so the key here guys is to stay natural. If you need help working our your size in Reer Endz head over to our blog SIZE DOES MATTER.

Guys if you follow these 4 simple tips you are on the right track. Underwear is an important part of your life for so many reasons so choosing the right pair is kinda a big deal. 

Reer End offers comfy yet fashionable men's underwear for all types of men. Most important we make our undies for GOTS certified Organic Cotton, so they are better for you and better for the planet.

Until next time ...