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mens underwear inspo in FNQ

Feb 27, 2020Tammy Devenish


The Reer Endz Men’s Underwear team spent a fair chunk of last year scouring the East Coast of Queensland, occasionally heading inland as curiosity got the better of us. Part of our mission was INSPIRATION along with finding some amazing stores to range Reer Endz, so locals were encouraged to support independent businesses by Shopping Local for their underwear. 

FNQ delivered in spades. We were hoping to find some ideas, maybe a few references, but never imagined that we would discover some amazing inspiration for our new underwear designs & prints.

If you haven’t ventured, do yourself a favour, you don’t have to be searching for the next best ‘undies’ design to be fascinated by this unique area of our beautiful country.

Enveloped by rainforests, fringed by the reef, & ringed by the red dirt of the outback. A warm welcome (literally), awaits you in FNQ. It’s a region of spectacular natural beauty where the rainforest meets the reef. 

Here are some insights into how our inspiration was discovered in developing our new underwear collection. 

We start with a print that hinges on Reer Endz establishment as a business. We wanted it to highlight our ethos, our beliefs and what we stand for.

R.ENDZ EST. 2012 - is a visual ode to running your own race. It doesn’t matter when or where you started, stay true to yourself, don’t let others opinions change your decisions. Be proud of who you are & what you create. Our colours for this design were inspired by the beautiful Cassowary we came across at Etty Bay in Far Nth Qld.

Next, we couldn’t go past the large amphibious reptile which inhabits the FNQ area, you guessed it the Crocodile. Intrigued by their history, terrified by their capabilities, not only were we looking over our shoulder on EVERY  beach up north, we were compelled to create a print for the Australian crocodile. Tell me a better way to wake up, than putting on a pair of Trunks or Briefs with a crocodile plastered all over them. I know you can’t wait!

The collection wouldn't be complete without our Van Life print -  a great way to travel around and discover the beauty of Australia.  Home is where you park it!  This print is dedicated to all of those free spirits, who have traded in the 9-5, packed it all up to travel Australia. Whether it be in their Van, Caravan or Bus they are residing in their house on wheels. They are in search of that slower pace of life & conscious living. And for all of those yearning to take the plunge, this one is for you.

Reer Endz 4th design came from a magical place called ‘Thala Beach Nature Reserve’. Drone footage over this area is spectacular. Nature at its best. However, tread carefully & watch for falling coconuts! 

Translating our inspiration into our next range is already in progress,  we are very much looking forward to the final result.  More exciting time’s ahead for Reer Endz Underwear.

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