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Taking Australia's Best Men's underwear to a town near you

Mar 05, 2020Tammy Devenish


Just over a year ago my wife/business partner and I decided to take Reer Endz Underwear on the road. Our major plan was to grow the retail side of our business. With so much confidence & trust in the quality of our Men’s Underwear product, we believed that if we could show as many resellers as possible our underwear that we design & produce, they would also believe in it, allowing our brand to be ranged in their stores. Our key focus was to allow independent retail stores to sell an Australian owned and designed, competitively priced, ridiculously comfortable Men’s underwear brand that doesn’t discount regularly making competing with the big retailers difficult. It is also great to be able to walk into the stores you believe will be a good representation for your brand and have the opportunity to talk to the owners & buyers face to face. Being a diverse brand Reer Endz Underwear is able to be ranged in many different types of retail stores. 

Life on the road, working full-time on something that you are passionate about, can be a roller-coaster. Every day is different, but because your location is changing constantly, not knowing exactly what each day is going to bring, never boring. For the majority of last year, we explored the east coast of Queensland, occasionally heading inland when curiosity got the better of us. It was amazing, taking on new Resellers, meeting some amazing people, learning about diverse types of retail operations and getting to explore some amazing parts of Queensland.  Our journey this year has started on the Central Coast of N.S.W another beautiful part of this amazing country.

Being on the road constantly we have witnessed the widespread devastation of the bush fires, the drought and the floods that so many communities have had to deal with here in Australia. Part of the rebuilding process has brought to the surface the need to “Shop Local”, to help these towns recover from what they have been through. Dealing with independent retail stores daily we have seen 1st hand the vital support they need. We are proud to be an independently Australian owned brand ranged in independently owned stores in these communities making us proud advocated of "Shop Local"

Our caravan is our mobile home & our rolling office, our home is where we park it. It gives us amazing flexibility, and surprisingly so far, we have enjoyed the ‘tiny house living’. We travel with our pet KelpieX “Greyem”. He is an amazing companion and enjoys life on the road as much as we do. Life is certainly simpler permanently on the road, and at the moment I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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