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6 Reasons Buying Organic Cotton Underwear is Better

Aussie designed, owned, and operated, underwear brand Reer Endz is so much more than a cheeky name (cheeky, get it?). The label’s story began when co-founders and life partners Stuart and Tammy ditched the corporate world to pursue a vision of the self-made variety. Invoking the true spirit of adventure, they hopped into a caravan with their dog and took off across Australia, designing signature garments along the way. Reer Endz underwear is the result of that ongoing and inspirational journey. Superior in quality, the brand’s trunks and briefs are nevertheless quite affordable.

Exuding candor at every level, Reer Endz cultivates a transparent and sustainable business model. They’re happy to discuss their attempts to source manufacturing here in Australia and how that’s proved too unethical or expensive an endeavour. Most companies would conveniently leave this type of thing out of their marketing, but Reer Endz embraces it as they team up with ethical manufacturers from places like India. Meanwhile, all the underwear is packaged in 100% Oxo-biodegradable bags and shipped in 100% compostable satchels.

Going a step further, Reer Endz recently transitioned into organic cotton men’s underwear and GOTS-certified organic cotton at that. They’ve also made the move from TPX Pantone colours to TPG Pantone colours, the latter of which matches global standards for sustainable manufacturing protocols. They’re even exploring the possibility of using plant-based dyes, should such a thing become feasible. Suffice it to say, this is a brand that continues to do Australia proud after 8 years of business.

Some of you might be wondering: what’s so great about organic cotton underwear, anyway? While we can’t speak for every brand, Reer Endz organic cotton men’s underwear delivers the following benefits:

1. It’s Free from Harmful Components

Made with 95% organic cotton, the newest underwear from Reer Endz is free from genetically modified organisms and chemicals alike. Genetically modified organisms are potentially damaging to manufacturers, customers, and ecosystems, while the use of chemicals like pesticides can be likewise toxic and even carcinogenic.

2. It’s Ethical

All-natural and biodegradable, organic cotton uses 91% less water, 46% less CO2, and 61% less energy than standard cotton. Furthermore, by eschewing chemicals, the cultivation of organic cotton is better for things like soil health, biodiversity, and human health.

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3. It’s Certified to the Highest Standards

The new range from Reer Endz is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Taking both ecological and social criteria into account, the GOTS provides an industry-leading standard for the textile processing of organic fibres. It’s also backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

4. It’s Ultra-Comfortable

Breathable, and soft, organic cotton simply feels better on the body. Products like the Reer Endz Men’s Organic Trunks aren’t just tight-fitting and cosy, but they also feature a non-itch 40mm jacquard elastic waist. The brand logo is printed directly onto the waistband and there are no itchy back-size labels.

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5. It’s Functional

As if being breathable and soft weren’t enough, organic cotton is also long-lasting and hypoallergenic.

6. It’s Stylish

Okay, okay, so maybe organic cotton isn’t intrinsically stylish. However, Reer Endz employs signature patterns and graphics on their briefs and trunks, thereby infusing a palpable tier of visual flair. The lucky few who see you in this underwear will know right away that you’re a man of great taste. You can currently choose between the following products:

With the introduction of their new organic cotton range, Reer Endz is consciously rendering a lighter footprint upon the planet. Combine that with a transparent business model, affordable prices, and other sustainable practices, and you end up with underwear that feels great on the body and mind alike. This is a product that’s good for you and good for the planet and it also happens to deliver a signature aesthetic. Get a bundle for the best deals and get rolling.

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