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what's the most appealing men's underwear to women?

Apr 07, 2021Tammy Devenish


 Every man and woman will agree that the choice of a man’s underwear is essential in the build-up of a man’s fashion game. It is even been debated that it has the ability to make a man look more appealing to the opposite gender and the same gender for that matter.

Whether you are single, married, or dating, men’s underwear is a must-have amongst all other wardrobe wears, and it’s essential to ensure that your choice of men’s underwear is carefully carried out. 

For years, there’s been an ongoing debate about whether you should be wearing boxers,  briefs or trunks etc keeping in mind underwear should never be an afterthought in fact it's the foundation of every man's outfit and a fresh pair should be put on every morning like your Jeans, Tee or jacket, it should be something you put some thought into, remember guys opting out of underwear is never an option!

We have decided to put this piece together because we understand the difficulty that comes with making the right choice of men’s underwear based on the type of men’s underwear women find most appealing on men.

Gone are those days men’s underwear do not appear in the fashion dictionary, and there are many options to choose what to wear beneath a man’s outfit.

Nowadays, there is more men’s underwear than before, each type of men’s underwear has its advantages and disadvantages. A list of them includes;

  • Trunks
  • Briefs
  • Boxer shorts
  • Boxer briefs
  • Jockey Y Fronts 
  • Jockstrap
  • Thongs
  • Tanga
  • C-string
  • Tights
  • Mankini

So what's the most appealing men's underwear to women?

Ever wondered what type of men’s underwear women find appealing? what's the most attractive men's underwear?  What men's underwear do women love?

Are briefs attractive or is it boxer shorts and what about those trunks?  

What is even more interesting is that you do not need to go for a searching spree for a men’s underwear women like most, as we have gone through the hassle of getting you the perfect men’s underwear most appealing to women.

We did some of our own  research and found an article published in Forbes presents the results of a survey, where they went out and asked 200 women what kind of men's underwear they find most attractive—boxers, briefs, or trunks. 

Let's see what the results say about what underwear women find most attractive. 

Boxers are a classic option – not too tight, and not too showy. Even though they can be a nightmare underneath a pair of jeans, they’re still a really popular choice. But for the women who prefer them, what kind of boxers are best? Turns out, the women liked patterns over colors, but not overly cutesy patterns.

Why did some women say they love men's boxers?

  • "Boxers seem to go along with the type of guy I like. Classic, but not his dad's underwear."
  • "I don't want my guy's underwear to look anything like mine. Boxers
    are the best option."

Men's Trunks are what we consider the Rolls Royce of underwear. The perfect combination between boxers and briefs. They have the length of boxers (which avoids that tighty-whitey look) and the fit of briefs. Add to that the fact that they offer an unmatched level of “support” and comfort, and there really isn’t a better choice for the most comfortable men's underwear.

No surprise here, women loved the men's trunk underwear because they show off a guy’s member.

Here are some more reasons why women love men's boxer briefs:

  • "It's like lingerie for men. It's hot as hell."
  • "Sexier than boxers and accentuate thighs."
  • "They fit well under clothes. Man-ty lines are no bueno."
  • "They are the most manly looking to me. I'm not into taking a guys pants off and seeing boxers with reindeer on them in June."
  • "Makes the butt and thighs look great. Boxers are what my dad wears, briefs are what the 7-year-old nanny wears."

Now let’s talk about men's briefs. Briefs aren’t exactly every guy’s first choice for underwear – they kinda remind you of a 7 year old, a grandma and an 80 year old man all at the same time. Not exactly what people think of when they think “sexy”.

That’s not to say that a few women didn’t like men's briefs. Of those that did, here’s what they had to say:

  • "I like men who are in shape and comfortable with their sexuality and briefs represent that at least among western dudes."
  • "I love how briefs make a guys butt look."
  • "Thighs."
  • "My favorite type on men. These guys are more confident and not afraid of losing masculinity in normal underwear."

Our conclusion, it seems that Men's Trunk Underwear are the most appealing men’s underwear women find most attractive. They’re most guys' best friends, suitable under almost any outfit.

However at the end of the day there is a piece of men's underwear for every guys "other half" out there.

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Until next time .... #COVERYOURZ

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