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Waistbands and Men's Undies, It's kinda a big deal!

Some of you may be reading this and be thinking, "isn't it just a waistband?" Well, we are here to tell you it's so much more than just a waistband.  It is one of the key components you need to take into account when shopping for your next pair of comfy men's undies.

Whether your brand-conscious kinda guy who is keen to represent their extremely tasteful fashion sense whilst donning a pair of Reer Endz men's undies or you are in fact looking for comfort on the highest level you will soon learn that a wide waistband like the one on your Reer Endz can be a Lil bit runway or a Lil bit cloud 9 as it just gives that Lil extra something.

We even believe that the attraction of every men’s underwear is the waistband. Waistbands add that touch of style and class to men’s underwear. Most waistbands are elastic and designed to hold the waist firmly.

Whenever you set out to purchase your comfy undies, checking the makeup of the underwear is really important. The secret to comfy men’s underwear is a comfortable waistband free from itching and discomfort. We have decided to put this piece together to highlight what REER ENDZ underwear waistband is made of and how to know comfy men’s underwear.


There is absolutely no doubt that men’s underwear comes with a waistband, and getting men’s underwear with a comfortable waistband is the goal. We have decided to put this piece together because we understand the dilemma of getting comfy men’s underwear.

Introducing you REER ENDZ men’s underwear with the comfiest waistband to comfort you throughout the day. REER ENDZ men’s underwear designed its waistband with a superior grade weighted fabric that enables longevity, durability and adds that extra comfortability to your waist.

REER ENDZ Jacquard's elastic waistband is of the highest quality and stretches as needed, and won’t disturb or cut into your waistline. Compared with other men's underwear brands, there are no annoying tags attached to the waistband that scratch you or make you itch.

REER ENDZ men’s underwear waistbands are explicitly designed to match style, front to reer comfort, and impeccable fit for men of all shapes and sizes.


Getting comfy underwear is every man's dream, but most times, the choice is difficult to make with a lot of brands displayed out there. When putting the waistband as a significant factor in selecting men’s underwear, the following should be considered;

  • Men’s underwear with a Jacquard elastic waistband gives a sense of style and fashion, remember if you look good you feel good!
  • Go for a waistband without annoying tags attached to the waistband just like ours
  •     A wider 40mm waistband like the Reer Endz brand waistband, which is more comfortable than other Brand’s waistband whom can come much thinner at 20mm or 30mm waistband, these thinner bands usually rolls down and cuts into your waist making it uncomfortable during the day.

When choosing a men’s underwear with a comfy waistband that keeps you comfortable throughout the day consider Reer Endz men’s underwear, Feels Better, Fits Better, Wears Better!



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