Mens trunk underwear in lobster print.

It's Organic Cotton For Us

Apr 17, 2023Tammy Devenish

Why do we use a Premium fabric such as Organic Cotton?

Let's chat fabric, Organic Cotton fabric to be specific

While it's usually harder to source, costs more, and isn't always appreciated... We made it an important value at Reer Endz to create unique (in design/material) & unmatched-quality men's underwear. 

Organic cotton mens trunk in snapper print by Reer Ebdz

From a conscious standpoint of durability and practicality, we choose GOTS-certified Organic Cotton for the Reer Endz underwear drawer.

Organic cotton mens trunk underwear by reer endz

At Reer Endz we are committed to walking a little lighter on our planet and are taking the steps to a more sustainable future, ensuring our men's undies are eco-friendly, making them Better for you & Better for our Planet.

organic cotton mens trunk bundle packs by Reer Endz

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