Blaek Store Manly NSW talks Reer Endz mens undies.


Reer Endz Organic Cotton Men's Underwear

Blaek Store Manly, NSW talks Reer Endz Organic Cotton Men's Underwear.

It’s a tale as old as time, you go to your underwear draw each morning for a fresh new pair of jocks, you sift through a range of options; you’ve got those that are 10 years old, fabric worn and practically see thru but extremely comfortable, you’ve got those that have lost any sense of elastic support, you usually whip these ones out on laundry day. You’ve got the pair that have multiple holes and rips, they just sit there gathering dust in the corner of your drawer, you know that area where old underwear goes to die? Then you’ve got your trusty pair, they’re your most recent purchases, they fit well, you save them for important days like hot dates or business meetings because you can trust that nothing is going to fall out during a big moment, but something is still a little NQR (Not Quite Right) about them, you can’t quite put your finger on it. How does a female know all this about men and their jocks? She doesn’t, she’s just guessing but if human habit has anything to do with it every other person on the planet, no matter their gender, is going through the same process each morning. Lucky for anyone that loves a good pair of jocks we have an easy swap that will have your bum screaming for more.

Mens trunk made from organic cotton

So, what is so NQR about that trusty pair? It starts with the fabric, it’s super stretchy and soft but is it good for you? The answer is, mostly like not. Nine times out of ten underwear is made from viscose bamboo, conventional cotton, or polyester (AKA – Microfibre). Ok so we all know that polyester is a big NO when it comes to anything to do with clothing because it's made using fossil fuels which as we know is a huge contributor to climate change. While it sounds semi exotic, viscose bamboo is also not too crash hot, nasty chemicals are used for the desirable silky fabric to form from the plant-based raw material. Conventional cotton, a very popular choice, unfortunately conventional cotton farms are extremely harmful to the environment, the soil, any living organism, and the farmers themselves not to mention the chemicals involved to make the fabric. So apart from walking around like Adam and Eve with leaves covering our bits what other options do we have?

mens trunk underwear crafted from GOTS certified organic cotton

Lucky for your bum there are some passionate people out there that care about not only the health of the planet but the health of your nether regions. I’m talking about Reer Endz, the Aussie underwear brand that has people and planet at the top of their agenda. Founded by Tammy and Stuart Davenish in 2012, having both worked in retail for many years prior they knew a thing or two about product and supply chain including the dirty trail fashion was leaving behind. On a mission to provide the human race with better jocks, Reer Endz uses GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, which is a global standard from the first point of processing all the way through to the dyeing and manufacturing stages of a garment. It means that the cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilisers, in other words pure luxury against your skin. There is also no harm caused to the environment including the soil or any living organisms, LOVE that for the planet! It’s also better for farmers as they aren’t exposed to toxic and deadly chemicals. Organic cotton farming is not only more enviro friendly than conventional cotton it gives back too, avoiding harmful chemicals promotes biodiversity, healthy ecosystems and soil fertility which results in higher crop yields overtime and creates a more stable and resilient agricultural system thus reducing the effects of climate change and improving the livelihood of farmers. So why isn’t everyone using GOTS Certified materials? Honestly, I’ve been asking myself the same question for the past 5 years, once I find the answer, I’ll write a blog about it.
If you’re an avid reader of my weekly blog posts you’ll know that I write the way I speak, you’ll also know that responsible fashion is not just about fabric, it’s about garment workers too. You cannot have one without the other. These Aussie jocks are made with Tammy and Stuarts partners in India in a SEDEX approved factory. What does this mean? SEDEX is an organisation that provides a platform for companies to manage and improve working conditions in supply chains. Certification means that the factory ensures living wages and safe working conditions for garment workers. These certifications can be difficult to obtain because they’re costly and must be renewed and continually monitored so it’s a great indication that a brand is looking after the beautiful makers behind their products. Reer Endz is also able to cut down on their carbon emissions as both their fabric and manufacturing are all done in India. Sounds like a match made in organic cotton heaven.

Organic cotton mens undies by Reer Endz

So there are a few underwear brands out there that are doing great things but what truly sets Reer Endz apart from the rest are their original ‘Aussie’ prints and bright colours. With names like Doggo and Snapper you can’t go wrong. My personal favourites are Tropics and Watch for Crocs but if prints aren’t your thing you can go for the classic Grey Marle
Do your rear end a favour and swap those nasty polyester (aka PLASTIC) jocks for a pair of soft organic cotton Reer Endz, your bum will thank you.