International Women's Day 2023

International Women's Day 2023

Mar 04, 2023Tammy Devenish

Advocate for Gender Equality

International Women's Day (IWD) is a day to celebrate women's achievements and reinforce a commitment to women's equality.

As a team, we not only want to take this day to celebrate the great achievements & hard work of all our female team members but to also celebrate women across the globe who continue to inspire other women and girls to always work hard towards their goals and by making them feel empowered that they can.

Meet Tammy our female co-founder, designer and the heart & soul of Reer Endz.

With a background in fashion/accessories buying & product development, Tammy has been a positive and empowering part of our business.

Tammy, female co founder of Reer Endz mens underwear
An animal-loving soul who is committed to making the least negative impact on the planet possible & inspiring others to do so along the way.

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