How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Man Have? How many pairs of mens undies should you own. Reer Endz men's underwear are made from organic cotton. Our Men's undies are available in Men's Trunks & Men's Briefs. Shop Men's underwear online today.

How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Man Have?

Mar 05, 2022Tammy Devenish

How many pairs of Men’s undies should I own?

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Today’s blog subject – How many undies should I own? Great question - and you have come to the right place to get the correct answer. So, here’s the thing. At Reer Endz underwear we believe it’s pretty important to have a nice stash of new undies in the drawer. How many should be in the drawer is the ‘million-dollar question. Well, this is why Reer Endz Underwear is the expert in the underwear department.

Whilst we have a bit of time on our hands at the moment, go and have a look in that undie drawer. Now let’s give an honest appraisal of the state of the nation. Firstly, how neat is it? It’s going to be impossible to judge your current underwear position and get an accurate count when things are all over the place.

Let’s clean it up a bit. Now that it's organised – time to count them, how many pairs do you own?

Right, now that we have done the maths. How many really pass the “pub test”?

OK, so any that you hold up to the light, stretch them out, and almost blind yourself because they have worn so thin, they can go in the bin. Any that have threads hanging off them or multiple rips in them. Gone. Next test, try the rest of your undies on, have a bit of a walk around, this test is best performed in front of the mirror. Have a good look, are all the bits and pieces completely inside the “vehicle”. If there is anything hanging out of the window, let's add them to the throw-out pile.

Now the next step is to ask yourself if the situation arises, and it will happen one day, that you get caught in a public arena only wearing your underwear, would you be proud of what you have been caught in? If your answer is “Yeah” “Na” add them to the pile. Right, what’s left in the undie drawer? Not many – good. Problem solved.

Reer Endz underwear bundles. Build your own bundle and save. Jump online and check out your options. We have 4 packs, 7 packs, 10 packs & a huge 15 pack!

 The more you bundle, the more you save. It really is the way to go and it will get the numbers back up in that undie pile.

You can choose between Men's Trunks or Men's Briefs. For the guys that have never worn Trunks before, give them a try.

Reer Endz Trunks don’t ride up, they are made of the same super soft organic cotton as our Brief range, they have a 40mm soft feel jacquard elastic waist band that won’t roll and cut into you.

They also come with a fully functional fly-front, in case you are that way inclined. It also just makes them feel comfier, a bit of extra room for the junk.

It's also worth mentioning that our range of Men's underwear is made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

 Back to the burning question – How many undies should I own?

At Reer Endz we believe the magic number is 15.

Ironically as mentioned 15 units is one of our bundle options and it just so happens to be the biggest saving Bundle of them all.

If you keep your laundry habits up to an acceptable weekly wash you will have more than enough for those weekends away or that special time when you need more than one pair a day.

Don’t forget, at Reer Endz you can wear “Aussie Undies”. They are so comfy you won’t want to take them off.

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