Reer Endz is an everyday, laid back fashion forward underwear brand for the free-spirited lifestyle.

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Reer Endz Men's Underwear story

The story began when husband and wife Stuart & Tammy decided to ditch their corporate life in order to focus on their combined passion for their men's underwear label Reer Endz.

Inspired by an Australian culture of the great outdoors , salty air with the freedom of the open roads.

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Australian men's underwear hits the road!

Evoking inspiration from their laidback coastal lifestyle on Avalon Beach, & combining with an idea from an old friend the couple decided to pack up and “sell the farm” to take Reer Endz around Australia.

They wanted Reer Endz to speak to other consumers that also desired a lifestyle of freedom, open roads, travel and a laid back attitude.

Setting off in a caravan with their Kelpie x Greyem the couple are hopping from town to town, searching for the next season’s designs, that conjure a laid back coastal edge mixed with city trends.

All garments are proudly designed in the Reer Endz Caravan, whilst travelling around Australia, and produced ethically in factories around the world.