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About Us "Reer Endz" - Mens underwear online

A few years ago you’d have never caught me talking about my undies, well except at work of course, in my previous life I was actually a Men’s underwear buyer for a national retail store. Still, somehow I cleverly managed to get my wife Tammy to buy my undies. 

The biggest complaint I always heard from customers were about how uncomfortable their undies were, no matter what brand they or their partner bought. The waistbands were too tight or too itchy and they felt rough after a few washes (c’mon guys, man up and admit you hate this too). 

Eventually fed up with what I was hearing, Tammy suggested we develop our own label, so with our combined 20 years of buying and product development skills, that’s exactly what we did. We wanted to take the pain out of shopping on the weekend that everyday guys and their partners experience when comparing undies. I think weekends should be fun. When I’m not doing the home renos, you can find me hanging around our barbeque with family and mates, not undie shopping! 

Starting up the business wasn’t easy. You wouldn’t believe what goes into making a comfortable pair of undies. There’s the weight of the fabric, material composition, print vs yard dyed, needle tension…I still wonder if it’s normal that an everyday Aussie Bloke like me knows all this ‘sewing stuff’. What I do know for sure is that every day I now wear comfortable undies. 

You can imagine the catch up with the boys, “What have you been up to Stu?” “…making undies”.

Starting our Reer Endz business was the best thing we ever did. We make comfy undies we are proud of and we focus on making it easy to buy them online. 

Best of all, we have had the chance to sponsor local community events that are important to us like Deadwood Timberwolves RFC, a bunch of Aussie blokes playing in rugby tournaments raising and donating prize money to several children’s charities. Also Fight On The Beaches, a team of Northern Beaches women who selflessly dedicate their time to raise money for cancer research. 

I love working with Tammy on our business and we are dedicated to making sure that all Aussie blokes like me have easy access to comfortable Reer Endz undies. 

Stu Devenish