July 02, 2020

Trunks vs Briefs Reer Endz Men's underwear online Australia


 In typical REER ENDZ men's underwear style, today’s blog is all about solving another worldwide major dilemma. What undies should guys wear?

Trunks or Briefs

Well, let's start at the beginning because not everyone knows the difference between Trunks & Briefs. Here’s some information that may help you decide which shape to choose when you purchase your next Bundle of Reer Endz. 

Most older guys probably grew up wearing Briefs, the traditional shape that our Dad's used to wear. Briefs by name (brief by nature – the shorter more compact ones). Over recent times the Trunk shape has been introduced as an alternative to the Brief. (Trunks have a longer leg shaped more like a pair of shorts).

Both styles are comfortable, it’s all about your preference.  From the waist to the top of your legs, the construction of Briefs & Trunks is the same. Both styles have a front pouch with a functional fly-front. The main difference in the Trunk shape is the longer leg construction.

Now some guys don't like the feel of the Trunk around the top of their leg, so they tend to choose the Brief style, while others like the extra comfort of the longer leg, so they lean towards the Trunk shape. Then you have the guys that have both styles in their undies drawer. 

For example, you may prefer to wear Briefs whilst your exercising and wearing shorts. You may only like wearing Trunks when you have jeans or pants on, so it makes sense to have both. Some guys like to wear Briefs under their Boardshorts whilst swimming. Then once they get changed they go to their “stashie” and reach for the Trunks once they are dry. Then there is the guy that is just all about style, he is really not that phased about the feel, just whatever he reckons gets the chicks or the dudes. That’s what he wears.

It all comes down to preference. Rest assured, whatever style you decide on – Trunks or Briefs, Reer Endz will be the comfiest undies you have ever worn. 


Because they are constructed with super-soft cotton (soon to be certified Organic Cotton) Unlike Bamboo, Cotton maintains shape wash after wash Reer Endz uses a superior grade weighted fabric to all of our suppliers, enabling durability& longevity, making them extra comfy.

Our 40mm jacquard elastic waistband is of the highest quality and stretches as needed, it won’t roll or cut into your waistline.

Our pouch has a functional fly-front and gives you plenty of room for your “bits & bobs”.

We don’t have any annoying tags attached to the waistband that scratch you or make you itch. 

Well there you go, we will all sleep better tonight knowing it really doesn’t matter what you choose Trunks or Briefs when you buy Reer Endz.

Important note to remember, opting out of underwear is never acceptable. NEVER! 

Until next time #COVERYOURZ