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A Blokes Blog about Kickstarter...

So I guess a lot of you maybe thinking what does an everyday bloke like me know about blogging? Well actually to be perfectly honest not a hell of a lot, but I can't let a small detail like that get in the way of telling you about the experience I have just had with this Kickstarter campaign.
Just before Christmas Tam and I had put the final touches on the next range of Reer Endz, we had submitted the artwork and quantities that we needed to our supplier and waited eagerly for confirmed production and delivery times. 
Then it happened the email came through saying that MOQ (minimum order quantities) had just increased more then triple! This was crippling for our brand, we didn't have the capacity to order such high quantities and no business would actually be able to do this without working capital already in place.
Tam started talking about this Kickstarter thing, my initial reaction was like many "what the hec is this Kickstarter thing she is talking about" she explained it in detail showed me examples and it felt like a no brainer and almost a silver bullet in helping us reach our goals of our new range. 
It was 2 months of behind the scenes hard work and preparation and neither of us really knew what we were doing and to didn't claim to be experts but finally it was ready for execution and we hit the Go Live button...... 
Initially we got a response straight away and though hey this might just actually work, but then as quickly as it started it died off. We were both left feeling defeated, clueless and exposed. The whole experience felt soul destroying (yep as a bloke I have no problem expressing how I felt). 
However after a couple of days of feeling sorry for ourselves we picked ourselves back up and asked where did it go wrong, what can we do better. Being an Australian based business we found that not of a lot of Aussies even know what Kickstarter was (huge in the U.S) We even had an acquaintance ask us "whats this money laundering scheme you guy are running?" So it was clear that people just didn't know what we were even talking about, it seemed they felt they were "donating money" to our business and felt why should they. Not realising they were actually getting product in return for their pledge and ahead of the rest of the market would so more like a pre order option.
Then it happened, the good old Aussie spirit came shining through from a fellow Aussie Everyday Bloke from our nations capital Canberra, (well actually turns out he is a firefighter so in my books that makes him a level above the "everyday Aussie Bloke") being that he is saving lives and all. 
Paul reached out to us and offered to help reboot our KS campaign, he had had a similar experience to us with Kickstarter until somebody showed him the ropes to a successful campaign. Now he wanted to repay the favour to us. 
So I guess whilst we work with Paul there are no guarantees but one thing that I have taken away from this if you believe in something and have determination, grit and passion things will find away of working themselves out. Don't be afraid to put your hand up and and ask for help or even except help when it is offered. 
We love everything about our brand and are dedicated to delivering durable comfy undies that go the distance just like the awesome Aussie spirit does.
Stay tuned and watch this space.
Stu Devenish
Everyday Aussie Bloke signing off.

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